Rufus Adebayo

Founder Of Adebayo Rufus Lifestyle

My Story

Hi, my name is Adebayo Rufus Femi, a graduate of Accounting from University of Ilorin, Nigeria. My dream is to become a qualified accountant. I have worked in many organizations across different industries where I gained more experience as an accountant and currently working in the area of accounting software packages, as a consultant.

As a consultant/accountant, I have attended different professional training concerning accounting and on accounting software packages.

All these while, with what am earning from all these jobs, financially am not satisfied. Therefore, I started searching for better offer, probably what I can start doing to make extra income.

In this case, am always both online and offline looking for way out of this my financial instability. Meanwhile, there is no even enough time to leverage on any other things after all these so demanding jobs.

Although, I keep on thinking of what exactly can I start doing on my own, how will I get started and where will I get the capital to start the business. Like I said, always online looking for better pay jobs but, there is no better pay jobs outside there that can give you the exact financial freedom couple with time that you need for your family and to really enjoy a better lifestyle of your dream.

The Starting Point….

On one lucky day, on facebook precisely June, 2018. I came across a sponsored ads saying buildyour dream lifestyle. I reluctantly click on it because of so many scam outside there, it took me to a landing page where I read more about Build Your Dream Lifestyle and also I listened to a video talking about how to online marketing, online business and about becoming an entrepreneur.

There, I went ahead and registered with my email address in order to receive more free videos and after listened to those video, I was convinced about the SFM (Six Figures Mentors), and I realized that, this is what I have been looking for.

Then, I needed to pay for application form to become a student of this SFM an education platform with systematic training modules, but you know what, I have no cash with me to go ahead as at that time but, I already made up my mind to go ahead.

So, I started looking for the cash in order to become a student and start with training organized in a step by step modules on the student dashboard, all because I need to build my dream lifestyle.

Finally, I paid for the application form with the help of my personal consultant allocated to me even before I could pay for the application form and this is one of the benefit you stand to gain once you register your email address with Six Figure Mentors, education platform. Since then, I have gained a lot of experience on how to start a tremendous online marketing and how to start earning extra income.

The Benefits So Far…………

I have able to learned and designed my own website, posted like 5 articles on my blog pages, this is a free access to the digitalblogger.com, this I did without previous knowledge until I joined SFM, including access to so many partners and leverages within the system, I have learned how to place an advert on Facebook business page, right now, I have many ads running on my facebook page, this is to generate leads/traffic to my website in order to make regular sales. I have achieved a lot within a short period of time that I joined this SFM.

With the systematic training modules full of real time and up till date marketing strategies, leads and traffic generation. I have learned how to gain competitive advantages over my competitors in any business of my own.

I have also benefited a lot from a free access to a community, met online with a lot of elite personality that have made it already in this Digital lifestyle. They have exposed true life practical way to succeed on online business, how they were able to 7 figures offline business and as a great entrepreneur.

My Mission…

My mission is to find as many people that are in the same situation which I was before and lead to the great mentors in SFM for them to start taping wonderful experience from the step by step educational training modules package for basic student after their application been accepted by the SFM and within a short period of time, they too can have their testimony.

If you are here by any chance, this is your opportunity to join us at SFM. Take chance to register your name and your email and start to enjoin unlimited training resources within and out the SFM system.


“Can you Just Decide once to Taste What I Am Saying if It Is True Or Not And Start to Build An Online Business That Will Give You The Financial Authority To Live Life On At Your Own”

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